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1. I cringe passing semi-trucks on the interstate.

2. I collect coffee table books.

3. I'm not a fan of breakfast food.

4. I love going to airports.

5. I live in a haunted building.

6. I hate long finger nails.

7. Winking is not my forte.

8. I was 45 minutes late to a meeting because of a roach in the shower.

9. I keep a note on my phone of possible song lyrics.

10. I still appreciate a hand-written letter.

11. My elbows and shoulders are creepily double-jointed.

12. I was on a gameshow where they hypnotized me.

13. True crime is my guilty pleasure.

14. I gulp hot sauce in effort to drink more water.

15. I feel like Kanye West and I would get along.

16. I still kinda want to be a pop star.

17. I cannot whistle for the life of me.

18. The scar on my cheek is from a horrible dog bite when I was 3.

19. When I'm in the car alone, I talk to myself as if I were on a reality show.

20. The toes on my right foot have claw-like similarities.

21. I cannot stand bell peppers and onions.

22. I watch cooking shows whenever I cook to make myself feel better.

23. I love popping pimples.

24. Costco samples are my weakness.

25. Siri calls me sweet thang.

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