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I’ve never written a prologue before because, well, I’ve never written a book before. I didn’t even realize I had written a book until my publisher friend told me so. This was supposed to be one of many essays on ”how the pandemic changed my life” featuring individuals whose lives were drastically affected - both good and bad. At the time, I had just moved into my condo on 30A from the place I was temporarily staying and I guess my closing paragraph felt unfinished because I received an email saying “So what happens next?” I jokingly responded with photos of my journal entries with the subject line “too much to type out.” Then I got a phone call with a proposal to essentially publish everything I had written that I thought no one would ever care to read.

I’m sorry, what? What does that even look like? But here you are, reading the prologue to a book I didn’t know I was writing. Over the past few months, I’ve had to revisit entries (edited for clarity and structure ONLY) that were written as a stream of consciousness. I vowed to keep it as authentic as possible, so instead of revising/omitting key details, I decided to provide a summary at the end of what I would tell myself then that I know now. So basically, you’ll get two perspectives - one from the past and one from the present. I guess a LOT went down that makes for an interesting read now that I think about it.

A move. A death. A diagnosis. A promotion. A new puppy. Publishing deals, having no friends, making new friends, the worst rejection, the consequences of my own actions (good and bad). IDK - basically a lot happened over the past two years and the theme of this unintentional story is up for you to decide.

Here’s what’s going to happen. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be publishing entries chronologically in three parts. Why? Because we’re doing things a little differently and intentionally. All of our lives changed in one way or another from 2020–2022. Collectively we were forced to change, adapt and establish new normals. For me, writing has always been an outlet. I’ve written blogs in the past, but have never had two years’ worth of content ready to publish. Add your email if you want to know when chapters are released. Care to comment? Share your own story/thoughts publicly or privately below!

Thanks! I’m scared but excited.



1. I cringe passing semi-trucks on the interstate.

2. I collect coffee table books.

3. I'm not a fan of breakfast food.

4. I love going to airports.

5. I live in a haunted building.

6. I hate long finger nails.

7. Winking is not my forte.

8. I was 45 minutes late to a meeting because of a roach in the shower.

9. I keep a note on my phone of possible song lyrics.

10. I still appreciate a hand-written letter.

11. My elbows and shoulders are creepily double-jointed.

12. I was on a gameshow where they hypnotized me.

13. True crime is my guilty pleasure.

14. I gulp hot sauce in effort to drink more water.

15. I feel like Kanye West and I would get along.

16. I still kinda want to be a pop star.

17. I cannot whistle for the life of me.

18. The scar on my cheek is from a horrible dog bite when I was 3.

19. When I'm in the car alone, I talk to myself as if I were on a reality show.

20. The toes on my right foot have claw-like similarities.

21. I cannot stand bell peppers and onions.

22. I watch cooking shows whenever I cook to make myself feel better.

23. I love popping pimples.

24. Costco samples are my weakness.

25. Siri calls me sweet thang.

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